On “Beyonce Voters”

Jessica Valenti reports in today’s Guardian that the right in the U.S. has come up with a new term for us single voters with lady parts: Beyonce voters!

But this is not the unmarried equivalent to “soccer moms.” According to Valenti, a Fox news panelist defined the “Beyonce voter” as not just single but as women (cue racial coding now) who “depend on government because they’re not depending on their husbands.”

Because, you know, Beyonce is so dependent on the government. For shame!

Says Valenti:

Perhaps the snideness and name-calling is a last desperate resort from conservatives who still haven’t figured out that ‘women’ aren’t a monolith to be labeled and ‘figured out’; women are half the electorate. It certainly seems Republicans haven’t learned their lesson from the last presidential election, when a now-mocked ‘war on women’ narrative ensured the largest gender gap in history–a win brought home by women of color and unmarried women. Now, single ladies, who make up a quarter of eligible voting Americans, could single-handedly hold the Senate for Democrats in 2014.

That’s what I’m talkin about. Read the full piece here.



2 thoughts on “On “Beyonce Voters”

  1. Valenti hit it the nail right on the head! This is just a sad mockery term of the women electorate that someone somewhere thought would be funny and relevant to todays generation, hopefully it doesn’t catch on for purely for the fact its sound ridiculous.

    • Yes, Valenti did a great job. If the phrase does catch on, it will surely backfire because it is so patently silly. But the larger trend motivating the phrase is serious and deserves continued attention and response. Thanks for stopping by!

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